Spring/Summer 2016: all color trends

Color is the must for Spring-Summer 2016 fashion! The most striking features of shoes, clothes and accessories for the summer 2016 are the bright tones, but at the same time, soothing. Mainly related to spring are Rose Quartz, gentle and composed, more typically classical and floral, and Peach Eco, a warm orange hue. Serenity, tranquility, love of life: the Limpet Shell, a color that moves between sky-blue and sea green, will be predominant in 2016. Liliac Grey, a lilac to grey hue, more neutral, will be very popular too. Many of these colors will remind us natural elements such as, for example, the summer sky. The first is Serenity, a particular shade between blue and light blue with a relaxing effect. Snorkel Blue is, among the blue hues, much brighter. The fashion protagonist in 2016, this color brings to mind the sea and holidays, maybe the famous Salento sea! Buttercup, a fresh shade of yellow, matches perfectly with hot summer days. For more determined people, don’t miss some strong colors, like Fiesta red, express passion and vitality, and Green Flash, a bright green, ideal for those who choose to get noticed. A small preview of the cold season, but not absent previously, is Iced Coffee, a neutral color, elegant coffee brown hue that goes very well with almost all the colors. Micanto shoes, always promoting the colors, will certainly play with fashion 2016 color trends, together with the characteristic inspiration of its proposals. With Micanto you’ll have no limits: taste and imagination for comfortable, colourfully and original shoes.