New challenge and new growth plan: our outlet is online!

Micanto “gets a foothold” in a new project, in line with the latest market trends. Actually, our outlet is online: an e-commerce website that will allow you to purchase online without hourly limits. Evolware created it and the CDA Press and Communication office dealt with its content. You can access it at to see the wide choice of models for men and women. By browsing the website, you’ll have a free access to the different models of shoes so that you can choose the ones you prefer. You can also contact the Company directly to request a specific model, even if there is no availability of your size. All shoes on the website have a description, in order to know the details and the materials used in their production. Thus, with just a few clicks, you will be able to buy the selected shoes, directly from your PC and/or smartphone. “The Micanto brand is currently very popular in Puglia. We have combined the power of the web with the e-commerce to share our hand-made shoes and all the work behind their production. All this – said Fabiana and Ilaria Rizzo, owners of the brand – at discounted prices compared to those of the shop.” A new challenge for this company from Salento, an excellence in craftsmanship and luxury: Micanto chooses to aim at a wider target audience, not only from Apulia. A real multi-channel strategy, therefore, that involves the physical store and the shop online, to offer customers the best shopping experience.