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    • February 18, 2015

      Micanto’s ideas? Taste, style and…. ergonomics

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      Over the years, Micanto imposed as a prosperous reality, first in the South, then throughout Italy, to promote and spread the taste and beauty. Its creations were born from the passion and dedication of a close-knit working group. They represent the achievement of a path in the name of aesthetics and luxury that everyone in the company followed, from the owner to the employees.

      A mission that renewed from year to year, from collection to collection, with high quality and customer appreciation, referring to the dictates of fashion season, to fantasy and to the originality of those who work for Micanto. “It is not easy to define what inspire us – says Ilaria Rizzo, Michele’s daughter and referent point of the company – it is a matter of taste and personal style that we transfer on footwear.”

      The main advantage of Micanto’s models is to combine the needs of the customer, the latest trends and the creativity of the manufacturer, with a great attention to the comfort and convenience of the shoes. “We can safely say - adds Ilaria – that all the shoes are made taking into account the ergonomics of the fit (that is essential to put on the shoes for all the day) without forgetting the trends of the moment.

      Our tanneries send us the samples seasonally updated with fashion colors and patterns. Sometimes we also choose leather or fabrics that are usually used for bags or clothing, this allows us to create more ergonomic shoes, but also more valuable and with a better tailoring.”

      So a continuous, attractive and comfortable surprise. For those wishing to discover it, the 2015 collection is coming.