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    • April 21, 2015

      Micanto’s colourway

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      • by Ufficio Stampa

      Colours, shading, tricks of light: these are some of Micanto shoes’ peculiarities. Shoes that, without exaggeration, can be considered “creations”. The wide range of colours in Micanto’s collections meets the variety of tastes: from those who dare and are not afraid to be noticed and avoid banality, to the ones who prefer classic models, without forgetting elegance and refinement.

      But where do Micanto’s colours come from? How do they adapt to the shoes?

      Michele Rizzo, shoes craftsman and founding father of the company, puts personally the colour, “spreading” it on the whole shoe. This is a handmade process of great care and attention, which makes every shoe a true work of art. The natural blend of colours and the shading will be always different and, therefore, will make each model absolutely unique.

      Once “spread” the color, the shoe is finished off by hand with brushes: each brush stroke is suitable for the materials used, from leather to tissues, creating details of great beauty. Especially at this stage, Micanto is characterized by its being against standardization and mass production, aiming for a handcrafted, original and of high quality product.