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    • June 16, 2015

      Materials, colors and fantasies: how your fabric becomes a Micanto shoe

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      • by Ufficio Stampa

      With Micanto you can design your own shoe. At first, it may sound strange, but the shoe factory in Lecce offers its customers not only quality, but also the highest level of customization.

      Thus any fabric can become an integral part of a shoe. Micanto staff, primarily its owner Michele Rizzo, is already moving in this direction.

      The choice fell on beautiful silky and woollen scarves, whose fantasies became the decoration of the shoes. The first step, immediately after the selection and choice of the fabric to use, consists of joining it to the cloth. Then, the material is cut and sewn directly on the shoe form. This passage is fundamental for Micanto staff, whose craftsmanship is fully reflected in the production of the shoes. In particular, the use of fabrics is the “incarnation” of Michele Rizzo and his collaborators’ creativity and artistic and technical sensibility. The result is an original product, which can not go unobserved and totally reflects customer’s tastes and needs.