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    • July 7, 2015

      The perfect finish for you

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      Micanto and customization: a winning combination. Each customer can select the pattern for his shoes and the fabric used to decorate them, evaluating the whole collection and the different shades of the colors proposed. But Micanto gives you also the possibility to choose the best laces for your shoes.

      There are two types of laces and a wide range of colors. The laces are made of cotton, raw or waxed, which makes them more shining. In addition, the laces may be shimmering, creating different shades of colors. Micanto frees the imagination, giving the customer the possibility to choose the particular applications that distinguish the laces. The Company produces also branded buckles that enhance the tips between the laces and the eyelets. Micanto shoes are undoubtedly luxurious products and the attention to detail can be considered their wealth.