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    • July 22, 2015

      From t-shirts to…… colourful shoes

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      The second life of a t-shirt. Micanto started a new process that combines the luxury with the art of recycling. Do you have a t-shirt that you love and that, nonetheless, lies in your wardrobe since too long? No fear, Micanto will find a solution through a process of creative “recycling”! The result is the creation of absolutely original and customized shoes, decorated with your t-shirt. In this way, it will start a new life by coloring Micanto shoes, a customized, unique and elegant product. Far from a conforming and depersonalizing fashion, Micanto gives customers the possibility to choose what to wear, ensuring quality and comfort.

      So, no limits to imagination for those who rely on the expert hands of Micanto to realize a shoe that is a sign of personality, good taste and choice. After all, as the famous American designer Rachel Zoe stated, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak“.