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    • November 4, 2014

      Let’s start with Micanto!

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      • by Ufficio Stampa

      After the presentation at the municipality of Gioia del Colle, the 2014-15 season will start at PalaCapurso versus Agnone Team.

      It was a red and white party the first official event of 2014-15 season of AssoRetiPMI Volley Jòya. All the members of the club, managers, players, staff, the young members of the Academy and their families, filled the cloister of the Municipality of Gioia del Colle yesterday afternoon, during the event to present B2 category and D category teams. The two teams paraded together with the technicians in a big round of applause, after a brief excursus on the path of AssoRetiPMI Volley Jòya to the service of the territory and enterprises. Many people participated in the discussion: the Club President Mario Lippolis, Riccardo Di Pinto on behalf of Tecnova, and Michele Rizzo representing Micanto, the new partner of the Club. For the occasion, Mr Rizzo presented his collection and, in particular, the customized shoes with Team Volley Jòya logo. There was also a video conference with the United States to announce a new collaboration with Fabio & Co, a shop devoted to the sale of home furnishings made in Italy. Finally, music, fun and folk dance with Terraross, a folk band among the best known and appreciated not only in Puglia, who animated the evening and involved to dance the entire audience, even players and managers. In other words, a happy and enjoyable meeting, to wish good luck to the teams that were going to start the new volleyball season. The first will be the D category team, that is going to play today at PalaCapurso at 18:30, against Molfetta. Then, obviously, will be the turn of B2 category team, which will play against Agnone tomorrow at the same sports arena in Via Einaudi. Agnone is a difficult opponent, which was in high ranking for a long period last year, then there was a vertical collapse but, in the end, the team saved in the final match. AssoRetiPMI Volley Jòya is the favourite team, considering the previous matches: it won both the first round 3-1 in Gioia del Colle and the second one at tie break in Molise. Their purpose will be starting off on the right foot and win the first three points of the season. Vincenzo Gratis and Elio Donno will referee the metch. Appointment at 6 pm.

      Ufficio Stampa AssoRetiPMI Volley Jòya – Giuseppe Leronni