What we do

Class, elegance, color: elements that coexist and blend into Micanto shoes, fine products with the typical Italian taste. Micanto, Salentine brand founded in 2008, stands out for the quality, the experience but also, and above all, for the passion of Michele Rizzo, the sole owner of the manufacturing company (Pafimuri calzature Srl). The name of the brand derives from the initials of the names “Michele and Antonietta”, an evident sign of the great attachment to values, essentiality and genuineness. Micanto’s logo is, instead, a stylized bull that confirms the determination that leads Mr Rizzo to continue his project, day by day and on and on. Micanto shoe combines tradition, through a careful working process and the attention to details, with the courage to innovate and risk with patterns and games of colors and shades. A shoe for young people, elegant, never boring is the result of the intense working process. The product is available customized and ad hoc for the needs of the customer, and is able to respond to different requests and tastes. A little jewel Made in Italy, born from the skillful hands of passionate craftsmen, luxury at your feet that results from the choice of high quality materials and the careful working process.